Quilting Services

The prices below are quoted in square inches or linear inches.

To determine the number of square inches in your quilt, multiply the width by the length. For example, a quilt which is 48 inches wide by 64 inches long is 3072 square inches (48 x 64). The cost for quilting a basic edge-to-edge design on this quilt would be $76.80 (3072 x .025).

To determine the number of linear inches for batting, in most cases, you can take the shorter of your width or length plus 8 inches (for a 4-inch margin on each side). For example, the 48 x 64 quilt above would need 56 inches of batting (48 + 8). The cost for batting for this quilt would range from $12.32 to $21.84. Most batting rolls are 96 inches wide, so if the longer measurement of your quilt is longer than 88 inches, you will need to buy batting according to the longer measurement.

To determine the number of linear inches for binding, you need to add the length of all four sides of the quilt, plus 12 inches for overlap. So the quilt above would need 236 linear inches of binding (48 + 64 + 48 + 64 + 12). Preparation and application of binding for this quilt would be $35.40.

Edge-to-Edge Quilting

Edge-to-edge quilting consists of quilting a single design over your entire quilt. The price will depend on the density and complexity of the chosen design.
Pricing: Starts at 2 cents per square inch, minimum $50

Custom Quilting

Custom quilting ranges from individual block and border designs all the way up to fully-custom quilting designed just for your quilt.
Pricing: Starts at 5 cents per square inch, minimum $100

Additional Services


If you do not wish to press your quilt top and/or backing before you drop them off, I will press them for you.
Pricing: $15-30, depending on the size and complexity of the quilt

Thread Trimming

It is natural that a few threads may need to be trimmed during the quilting process. If your quilt has an excessive number of threads to be trimmed, either on the front or the back, I will trim them. Of course you can avoid this cost by trimming the threads yourself.
Pricing: $5-10, depending on the number of threads to be trimmed


If you would like, you may bring a continuous length of fabric and have me seam your backing for you. Please consult with me on the amount of fabric required.
If the backing that you provide is not large enough, I may have to add muslin to the top & bottom or sides before I can load it onto the quilting frame.
Pricing: $12 per seam

Squaring Backing

Your backing must be squared for me to load it on the longarm frame. If your backing is not squared, and there is enough fabric to square it and still have the required width and length, I will square it.
Pricing: $15-25, depending on the size of the backing


Your quilt will be returned to you untrimmed. If you would like me to trim it for you I will. The backing and batting will be trimmed even with the edge of the quilt top. The basting stitches from quilting will be left intact to protect the quilt - you can leave these stitches in, if your binding will cover them, or remove them when you are ready to bind.
Pricing: $10-20, depending on the size of the quilt

Preparing Binding

If you bring me an uncut piece of fabric for binding, I will cut and prepare straight-grain binding for your quilt. Please consult me about how much fabric will be required.
Pricing: 10 cents per linear inch

Applying binding

If you have included binding preparation in your quilting order, I can also apply the binding to the front of your quilt. It will be ready for you to hand stitch to the back.
Pricing: 5 cents per linear inch (plus preparation charges, as above, so the total is 15 cents per inch)


If your finished quilt will be shipped back to you, you will be charged the actual cost for shipping and insurance. If you are local to the Portland, Oregon area, contact me to arrange for pick-up and drop-off of your quilt at my studio or an agreed-upon location.



You may provide batting for your quilt, or you may purchase batting from me. I carry several types of batting, including 80/20 Cotton/Poly, 100% Cotton, Cotton/Wool blend, and 100% Wool.
Pricing: 22-39 cents per linear inch


One color of thread is included in your quilting price. If you would like additional thread colors used on your quilt there will be a charge for each color change.
Pricing: $5 per thread change